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  • Mission, Vision, and Values


    To be the number one company to help organizations recover from and prevent future breaches.


    We assess and analyze information security programs, provide actionable items to mature those programs, make security understandable to executive teams, make security sustainable for our clients. 


    Customers’ First - by actively listening and quickly responding
    Innovation - always refining tools and processes by staying ahead of the curve
    Collaboration - sharing information and feedback making collective efforts surpass those of individuals through maintaining an ‘open-door’ policy and flat organizational structure
    Excellence - providing tools, training, and symposiums in the information security community to both our employees and our clients
    Integrity - maintaining strong moral principles and sound business practices
    Honesty - being authentic and performing trustworthy actions with our clients respect - acknowledging others accomplishments and points of view
    Diversity - having a team of various points of view, preferences, and backgrounds
  • Our Logo

    Our logo symbolism:

    • The blue shield represents "blue team", the defenders of networks.
    • The dragon is taken from Kenpo Karate and represents wisdom and having options at ones disposal as opposed to reacting with no options.
    • Crossroads: That point where one must make a choice and commit to a path. Information security is very much an ongoing path and requires commitment.