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    These are a few case studies where we helped our clients with their information security challenges

  • Ransomware

    A client approached us with concerns about ransomware and how to prevent it from affecting their business operations. After assessing their current anti-virus solution we determined it was not able to protect them against ransomware once it was detonated on a test system. After researching other endpoint solutions we arrived at a potential replacement, which performed a proof of concept for them. The assessment of the new endpoint solution showed that it prevented all the current ransomware samples we exposed it to. We were able to assist the client with the deployment of the new endpoint solution on their 235 work stations.

  • Spam Filtering

    Our client was a manufacturing business with 350-400 employees with a 10,000 plus client base. Their problem was phishing emails and malware being delivered over email. After evaluating their environment, email server, and budget we arrived at a solution that provided multiple layers of protection. The first was an email filtering system that sandboxed emails to determine if the attachments contained malware, and blocked spam based on the contents of the email. The second level of protection was at the firewall and provided virus scanning, threat emulation, and threat extraction. This combination eliminated their spam by 99.9%, and they have received no malicious email attachments since.

  • Computer Crime Investigation

    Our client was suspicious that someone was hacking into his laptop. He contacted us to investigate after the IT department of his employer was unable to anything suspicious. After taking a memory dump from the laptop we were able to perform memory forensics to identify a suspicious process. There was a screen recording and keylogging application installed on the laptop by the seller. We prepared an official investigation report so the client could pursue legal action against the seller.

  • Firewall Implementation

    Many of our clients come to us with firewall concerns. We always start by assessing their current firewall performance, rules, and capabilities. Many times we are able to make adjustments to improve performance without a large investment in a new firewall. In some cases the clients chose to migrate to a more robust solution that provides firewall, threat prevention, intrusion prevention, data loss protection, and spam protection. In each of the migration cases we were able to assist with import of the firewall policy, configuration, and activation of the firewall in their current environment.

  • Vulnerability Asessment

    Many of our clients have enough staff for a production environment, but not enough staff for projects like a vulnerability assessment. During a vulnerability assessment we assess the entire network and infrastructure. This includes network devices such as servers, switches, routers, access points, workstations, and IoT devices. After this assessment we provide a report of which devices are a security risk in their current state and how to remediate that risk. A vulnerability assessment can take as long as 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size of the network.