• Incident Response

  • When the worst happens and you get attacked, trust Crossroads Information Security to mitigate your risk with our Incident Response Service. Our Incident Response team can respond to help you contain the threat, minimize your losses and return to business as usual. Our Incident Response team will also help you mitigate future risks with post-incident reports and security best practices advisement.

  • Malware Removal

    It's no longer a good practice to remove malware from a computer and continue to use it without some investigation. Todays sophisticated malware can attack other systems, exfiltrate data, and move laterally across your network undetected. Todays malware incidents should include memory forensics to see how it entered the systems and what activities it's trying to perform. This process can stop a breach or further intrusion before it happens.

  • Computer and Network Forensics

    During incident response it's often necessary to perform computer or network forensics. We also perform forensics in cases where deleted data needs to be recovered, or electronic evidence needs to be discovered. Our computer forensics services include computers, networks, mobile devices, and other removable storage devices.

  • Computer Crime Investigations

    We have trained private investigators on staff that handle computer crime and fraud investigations. Our investigative services include collecting forensic evidence, financial evidence, obtaining witness statements, and expert testimony.