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  • Proof of Concept Testing

  • Proof of concept testing, or POC as it’s commonly referred to, is an activity organizations struggle to make time for. We set up and run POCs related to:

    • Cloud initiatives
    • Firewalls
    • Endpoint protection
    • Product security testing
    • Vulnerability management
    • Pilot programs

    POC Methodology

    POC methodology is important for a successful proof of concept test. We work with you to determine requirements for the solution you are considering to ensure it meets your needs. In many cases we perform POC testing on 3 or more competing products and provide a report that allows you to make an informed decisions based on how well they fit your needs. We achieve this using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP).

    This method is useful for comparing competing vendors that provide the same solution with dissimilar features. The AHP allows you to look at the potential solution based on how well it fits your needs and not a lot of marketing hype.

    Pilot Program Proof of Concept

    Many times our clients need to know how well a certain product performs in their environment. We help you address this concern by standing up the product, configuring and deploying the product on a test group of assets. This POC test allows you to get a hands on administration approach without taking the the time for the initial setup.

    As an example: You are considering a new endpoint security solution. We can assist you by:

    • Working with vendor to get the trial license and system requirements
    • Installation and configuration of the test system
    • Deploying the solution to 10-15 assets
    • Testing the solution for effectiveness
    • Training on administration and optimization

    This type of proof of concept testing saves your team valuable cycle they can spend on activities that are more critical instead of building and deploying test systems.

    Product Security Testing

    Product security testing is necessary when considering a new product or vendor. This service is considering vendor management and product security testing. We asses the vendor and their product to ensure they are both secure and are a good fit in your environment.

    We also test the security of products that your company may produce that requires or provides any sort of network or computing technology.