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  • Security Awareness Training

  • Social engineering is a tactic used to trick your employees into giving a hacker access to your network, data, or other protected areas. Social engineering tactics can be performed over email, phone call, text message, social media, fax, regular mail, or in person. People are almost always the weakest link in an information security program. When we assess how easy it is to socially engineer your staff, we identify areas that need more awareness and training. Through awareness and training programs you can dramatically increase the security of your network and data by educating your staff how to recognize, and prevent social engineering attacks.

  • Increased Security

    By raising awareness and providing training against social engineering you are increasing the overall security of your company. This increase isn't just limited to firewalls, servers, and other devices. This raised awareness includes physical security, building security, and the security of processes and procedures already in place.

  • Data Protection

    If a company could only invest in one aspect of information security, I would tell them to make it social engineering tactics and security awareness. Social Engineering has the largest attack surface within most companies. By minimizing this attack surface you reduce the chances of someone gaining unauthorized access to your network. Information Security is a series of layers, and this is one of the most important layers.