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  • Virtual CISO

  • The enterprise is facing a dangerous combination of cybersecurity threats of and a widening gap in the skills required to identify and combat them. Having someone who knows how to lead the charge in identifying and analyzing threats, creating strategic security plans and ensuring compliance requires the right level of expertise.

  • The Right Person to Drive Enterprise Security

    Many organizations are asking other executives to step into the CISO role, and they often lack the expertise required to outline a solid information security policy and drive it forward. Would you want a dentist filling in for a neurosurgeon?

    Many times these organization cannot justify the cost of a full time CISO. That's were we can help guide you. We can provide a virtual CISO on retainer, contract, or on a project basis.

    A virtual CISO can be far more cost effective than hiring a full-time CISO. They can fill in where you need it the most, helping your CIO pull together your security policies, guidelines and standards. That could entail anything from coming to grips with HIPAA or PCI compliance to staying on top of vendor risk assessments.

  • Process, Procedures, and Policies

    Process, procedure, and polices help ensure your information security program stays on track and makes it enforceable. We work with companies to help assess their current processes, policies, and procedures as well as creating them where they don't exist. Read the flyer here: Virtual CISO