• Virtual CISO

    Virtual CISO

    Helping you drive enterprise security

    INFOSEC services

    Defensive Network Security

    We can help you secure all aspects of your network

    IT security incident response

    Incident response and support

    When you need to identify, contain, and eradicate an incident on your network

  • A controlled test of your network security controls to identify any weaknesses before the bad guys can get it. We can test your external, internal, and wireless networks.

  • Can your company detect when malware is sending out information such as trade secrets, intellectual property, or other sensitive information? Let us test it to make sure.

  • When you need to determine the who, what, when, where, and how as it relates to digital evidence and e-Discovery.

  • When you need help after malware, ransomware, or hacker has gained access to your network or devices. We can help detect, collect evidence, and remove the intruders from your network. 

  • We perform in-depth security maturity assessments of information security programs. We also perform incident response maturity assessments, incident response capability assessments, vendor management assessments, and security metrics assessments.

  • We can provide both strategic and operational leadership on security to your company without the cost of a full time CISO. We specialize in covering tactical, strategic, governance, and compliance realms of information security.

  • Are you planning tactically or strategically?

    Is security struggling to understand the business objectives? Is the business struggling to understand security? We work with organizations to bridge the gap between dysfunctional tactical planning, and long term strategic planning allowing information security to align with the long term business objectives.

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  • Why Choose Us?

    Crossroads Information Security specializes in working with small to medium business to secure their networks, computers, email, endpoints, and other infrastructure

    • We understand our clients needs
    • We have a proven track record in information security
    • All employees are trained on current technologies
    • Information security is our specialty

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    Contact us to get a quote on any of our services, or custom services to meet the needs of your business. Someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a call, or an in person consultation to discuss your information security project

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  • Crossroads Information Security help us secure our wireless network and several other laptops we used in our business. I was very happy with the work performed. Joe went above and beyond answering all my questions and investigating if someone was using our wireless network without us knowing.

    Dave R

  • We contacted Crossroads Information Security for a free security assessment. They took the time to investigate how our network was configured and reviewed our firewall, email server, and computers. Crossroads found several issues that needed immediate attention. They worked with us to ensure these areas were secured, and trained us how to manage our devices more effectively.

    Undisclosed Legal Firm

  • I frequently contact Joe with Crossroads to consult with him about our firewalls and switches. He takes the time to make sure I'm going in the right direction with new firewall rules and other security measures I'm working on implementing. It's good to have someone like him to bounce ideas off of and get guidance.

    Phillip Burden