• Digital Forensics and Incident Hotline: (405)562-9945

  • Digital Forensics Services

    Digital Forensics

    Helping you find the truth in the complex digital world

    Incident Response Services

    Incident and Breach Response

    We find and remove intruders from networks and systems

    Cloud Security Services and Incident Response

    Cloud Security Services

    When you need forensics or incident response services in cloud environments

  • We help you find the truth in the complex digital world with e-Discovery, mobile device forensics, computer forensics, and cloud environment forensics.

  • We handle incidents consisting of ransomware, malware, insider threat, phishing, business email compromised, and malicious unauthorized access with on premise systems and in cloud environments.

  • A controlled test of your network security controls to identify any weaknesses before the bad guys can get it. We can test your external, internal, and wireless networks.

  • Can your security controls and program prevent an attacker from gaining unauthorized access to your network and systems? We help organizations plan a roadmap that results in highly effective information security programs.

  • Data exfiltration is the goal of the adversary once they gain access to your network. Can you security controls prevent regulated or protected data from being breached? Do you know what data is leaving your network now? A data exfiltration assessment answers these questions.

  • We provide expertise to help create business driven security programs that align with the business goals. Our specialty is making security an enabler of the business and not a roadblock.

  • Why Choose Us?

    You should choose Crossroads Information Security when you need help with:

    • Digital Forensics and e-Discovery
    • Ransomware or a Breach
    • Hacked or defaced web sites
    • Protecting critical data
    • Understanding security
    • Penetration tests and audits
    • Policies and Procedures

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    Contact us to get a quote on e-Discovery, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, or Penetration Testing. If you are under attack, a victim or ransomware or a breach, please call the incident hotline at 405-562-9945 to speak with an incident responder.

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  • Crossroads Information Security help us secure our wireless network and several other laptops we used in our business. I was very happy with the work performed. Joe went above and beyond answering all my questions and investigating if someone was using our wireless network without us knowing.

    Dave R

  • We contacted Crossroads Information Security for a free security assessment. They took the time to investigate how our network was configured and reviewed our firewall, email server, and computers. Crossroads found several issues that needed immediate attention. They worked with us to ensure these areas were secured, and trained us how to manage our devices more effectively.

    Undisclosed Legal Firm

  • I frequently contact Joe with Crossroads to consult with him about our firewalls and switches. He takes the time to make sure I'm going in the right direction with new firewall rules and other security measures I'm working on implementing. It's good to have someone like him to bounce ideas off of and get guidance.

    Phillip Burden